Majestic Scarves That Makes You feel like Bird by Roza Khamitova


Nature is a temple for art, there is unspeakable beauty and potential to be found in nature.

Majority of astounding Art form in the world has taken nature as its model. Somewhere or the other nature has inspired the artist to bring out the best in there art.Humans who spend time in the wilderness, alone, without man-made mechanical noise around them, often discover that their brain begins to recover its ability to discern things.

Roza Khamitova originally from Kazakhstan and presently in Australia is one of the artist whose art has been deeply inspired by nature and beautifully transcribed on textile.

Presenting her art printed on SCRAVES.



#Design 1scarves-roza-khamitova-shovava-freeyork-1-810x621


#Design 2scarves-roza-khamitova-shovava-freeyork-3-810x708


#Design 3scarves-roza-khamitova-shovava-freeyork-2-810x951


#Design 4scarves-roza-khamitova-shovava-freeyork-6-810x617


#Design 5scarves-roza-khamitova-shovava-freeyork-4-810x810


#Design 6scarves-roza-khamitova-shovava-freeyork-8-810x766


#Design 7scarves-roza-khamitova-shovava-freeyork-9-810x861


#Design 8scarves-roza-khamitova-shovava-freeyork-5-810x802


#Design 9scarves-roza-khamitova-shovava-freeyork-11-810x809


#Design 10scarves-roza-khamitova-shovava-freeyork-7-810x809

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