Fading Borders and Blooming PEACE by Valerio Vincenzo


Borders are imaginary walls or a line separating two countries, administrative divisions, or other areas.  God never created borders, its the man who did. Today’s world has become vulnerable,a sense of insecurity has led to creation of borders.

But the world has forgotten “The only true borders lie between day and night, between life and death, between hope and loss.”

Project “Borderline, the Frontiers of Peace” by Netherlands based photographer Valerio Vincenzo strives to show the results of a historical change that has taken place over the last decades in Europe after the Schengen Agreements. These borders are slowly getting erased by the progressive unification of Europe and the emergence of a European conscience.

Valerio captured these images after following detailed maps and GPS of the borders.



GERMANY and POLANDfriendly-europe-borderlines-valerio-vincenzo-14


LATVIA and ESTONIAfriendly-europe-borderlines-valerio-vincenzo-1 (Copy)


NETHERLANDS, GERMANY and BELGIUMfriendly-europe-borderlines-valerio-vincenzo-2 (Copy)


POLAND and LITHUANIAfriendly-europe-borderlines-valerio-vincenzo-13


LITHUANIA and LATVIAfriendly-europe-borderlines-valerio-vincenzo-9


NETHERLANDS and BELGIUMfriendly-europe-borderlines-valerio-vincenzo-4


NORWAY, FINLAND and SWEDENfriendly-europe-borderlines-valerio-vincenzo-8


BULGARIA and ROMANIAfriendly-europe-borderlines-valerio-vincenzo-6


SWITZERLAND and ITALYfriendly-europe-borderlines-valerio-vincenzo-11