You See Yourself vs Your Dog Sees You by Kelly Angel


Dogs are called ‘Mans Best Friend’ was initially recorded as being made by Frederick II, King of Prussia, alluding to one of his Italian greyhounds as his closest companion. What approximately canine despite the fact that? Ever questioned how they view us? Genius Illustrator Kelly Angel has drawn the photographs to show how dogs really think of us.

Here some of Kelly Angel illustrations which are funny and at the same time give us insights on the life of a dog.

You see yourself as: Flawed vs Your dog sees you as: Kissablehow-you-see-yourself-vs-how-your-dog-sees-you-19__880You see yourself as: Just another dog partner vs Your dog sees you as: A doggone angelhow-you-see-yourself-vs-how-your-dog-sees-you-21__880You see yourself as: Needy vs Your dog sees you as: Independent and empoweredhow-you-see-yourself-vs-how-your-dog-sees-you-18__880You see yourself as: A hot mess vs Your dog sees you as: A gourmet chef how-you-see-yourself-vs-how-your-dog-sees-you-17__880You see yourself as: A failure vs Your dog sees you as: 100% successfulhow-you-see-yourself-vs-how-your-dog-sees-you-16__880You see yourself as: An average joe vs Your dog sees you as: A superhero

how-you-see-yourself-vs-how-your-dog-sees-you-15__880You see yourself as: Unlovable vs Your dog sees you as: His soulmatehow-you-see-yourself-vs-how-your-dog-sees-you-12__880You see yourself as: A nobody vs Your dog sees you as: A total boss!how-you-see-yourself-vs-how-your-dog-sees-you-13__880You see yourself as: A sad, grey cloud vs Your dog sees you as: Warm sunshinehow-you-see-yourself-vs-how-your-dog-sees-you-20__880You see yourself as: Unattractive vs Your dog sees you as: Beautifulhow-you-see-yourself-vs-how-your-dog-sees-you-14__880You see yourself as: Worthless vs Your dog sees you as: The best thing everhow-you-see-yourself-vs-how-your-dog-sees-you__880