You been believing these MYTHS for long.


Myths are legendary stories, Whether they are true or not is irrelevant.They are part of human DNA.A Myth is an image in terms of which we try to make a sense of the world.

Myths generally have a sacred, religious or cultural tradition stories try to explain which something exists.

Presenting the popular MYTHS that you have been long believing true, till we bust these and bring a sense to each one of them.



No need to Skip Coffee:21


Girls time to be happy:22


There nothing like BANANA TREES:1


Vikings need a Change:15


What does little Birdy say:18


Its time to get a Blanket:17


Tongue twister:12


Missing Someone??:11


Time for another peg:19


Made in China:16


This makes sense:10


Its about Hole World:9



This one is Difficult to digest:14


Milking Ideas:6


The Boiling point:4




Poor Einstein:7


Penny doesn’t Kill many:5


The Lost World:8


Red Bull:20


The height of myths:2


Eat Swim Repeat!!!3