They Got Courage to Stand and Speak, what about You? – Steve Rosenfield


There are many number of things that bother us in everyday life,health,emotions,opinions,insecurities etc. Insecurities are a major concerns. Everyone have there own set of insecurities, regardless of how they look or how people perceive them, but sometimes people give their insecurities too much power.

Owing insecurities is one thing but to work out on them is a real task,Its difficult task but not impossible. Very few people actually admit there insecurities that too only in front of there close ones but we bring to you those people who have outspoken about their life’s biggest insecurities and that too in front of camera by writing these fears, self doubts on their bodies.

Its a beautiful concept by Steve Rosenfield on “The What I Be” Project.

Remember :As long as you are happy nothing in earth matters