Worlds First ever Horse Suit by designer Emma Sandham-King


Horses have shared an equal space with us since the world started, they have been a part of human world from past 100 years. From transportation to sports, they have always proved their mettle.

Meet Morestead an veteran racing horse also referred to as the classiest horse in England. He has made his mark in racing since 2007 , a number of achievements under his belt. Due to his catching age he wont be apart of this years Cheltenham horse racing festival in England(2016). To avoid him from being left out UK Emma Sandham-King has designed a royal three-piece tweed suit which is world first suit ever sewed for horse.

Morestead made quite a few heads turn dowing the suit. check out the exclusive pictures true British gentlemen Model Morestead














#7EDITORIAL USE ONLY 20-time champion jockey Sir Anthony McCoy unveils the world's first authentic Harris Tweed suit designed for a racing horse, which has been specially commissioned by William Hill to celebrate the opening of this year's Cheltenham Festival. Issue date: Monday March 14, 2016. The tweed suit was designed by former Alexander McQueen apprentice Emma Sandham-King and modelled by veteran race horse Morestead. Statistician Dr Geoff Ellis found that on average 200 miles and seven furlongs (321.5km) of tweed are worn every year by spectators every year at Cheltenham Festival, which is enough to stretch from Cheltenham to Ireland. The festival kicks off on Tuesday 15th March 2016. Picture caption should read: Tim Anderson / Taylor Herring