Planning A Vacation!! Check out these Travellers EXPECTATION versus REALITY


To travel is to take a journey into yourself. Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and all are keen to be happily infected until the end of their life.

Tourism is the biggest industry in the world.The travel and tourism industry is the lifeblood of many countries.

The thing about tourism is that the reality of a place is quite different from the mythology of it.  The word vacation brings a joy and happiness on everyone’s face, everyone dreams of a perfect vacation which would wipe out and erase all stress and mental fatigue from us. We choose a fantastic destination as shown in travel sites and spoken about by the tour operators but when we actually land up there all out expectations come crashing down.

“When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.”

This brings to us the Travel Expectations vs actual reality pictures as shared by the less of lucky tourist.


Expectation: Enjoying Your Private Moments On The Beaches Of Thailandtravel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-35 (Copy)

Reality:travel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-34 (Copy)



Expectation: Climbing Mount Everest, Nepal
travel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-33 (Copy)

Reality:travel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-31 (Copy)



Expectation: Tasting Thailand’s Exotic Food In Bangkok, Thailandtravel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-18 (Copy)

Reality:travel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-17 (Copy)



Expectation: Taking A Peaceful Gondola Ride In Venice, Italytravel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-16 (Copy)

Reality:travel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-14 (Copy)



Expectation: Taking Photos With Leaning Tower Of Pisa In Italytravel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-25 (Copy)

Reality:travel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-23 (Copy)



Expectation: Checking Out The Breathtaking Glory Of The Taj Mahal, Indiatravel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-22 (Copy)

Reality:travel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-24 (Copy)



Expectation: Relaxing On The Gorgeous Beaches Of Maldivestravel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-30 (Copy)

Reality:travel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-32 (Copy)



Expectation: Sunbathing In The Famous Beach Of Rio De Janeiro, Braziltravel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-4 (Copy)

Reality:travel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-3 (Copy)



Expectation: Visiting Pyramids Of Giza In Cairo, Egypttravel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-28 (Copy)

Reality:travel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-29 (Copy)



Expectation: Visiting The Great Wall Of Chinatravel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-10 (Copy)

Reality:travel-dream-vacation-vs-real-thing-9 (Copy)