Canadian Artist Camille Allen’s creates Tiny thumb size realistic Babies


Canadian artist Camille Allen’s creates tiny thumb size realistic babies sculptures. Camille creates truly unique little babies that if you look at them they will seem very real. You can see in these tiny babies eyes how live-like they are, it almost feels like they are looking back at us with their innocent little look. She has been thought by her husbands grandmother, some might say that it is a secret passed down from generation to generation.

Camille Allen quotes I am privileged to have learned the art of doll making from my husband’s grandmother just over 8 years ago. She taught me how to sculpt large lifesize dolls in polymer clay. A year later when I had some bits of leftover clay from a larger doll, I formed the bit of clay into a miniature baby.

Check out some of Camille Allen Tiny Babies –

Baby 1Baby 2Baby 3Baby 4Baby 5Baby 6Baby 7Baby 8Baby 9Baby 10Baby 11