A lie that won him NIKONS 1st Prize


‘A lie can take care of the present but it has no future.’

You can make a lie travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. To lie is to deceive someone.The reasons may be any, to avoid confrontation,punishments, to cover themselves, for benefits but a lie is a lie which will someday be unveiled.

Photography is an art, and there are millions of people who appreciate the art, there are many people, companies who present such aspiring photographers a podium to get a global exposure with their art. Many such photography contests are held by companies like Cannon, NGC, Nikon, etc to showcasing the work by amateur photographers and reward them for their excellence.

Nikon’s been holding Nikon Photo Contest International since 1996 for photographers to share their imagination and stories, In 2016 a photo was submitted by Chay Yu Wei which got him the 1st prize. Later it was realized that he had manipulated the images and had lied that the photograph was clicked by him. The internet was stormed by the reaction’s of millions of people who trolled Chay Yu Wei & NIKON for their inability to find out the lie. Later However Nikon And Chay Yu Wei presented their side but till then damage was done.



Chay Yu Wei award winning photograph: “catch an airplane in mid-air”



The photographer said he didn’t wait “too long” for the plane. “I was lucky,” he saidnikon-award-fail-plane-photoshop-chay-yu-wei-7

People Flooded their versions of Chay Yu Wei Photography

Turned out to be Photoshopped: “How Unlucky”



I Have a Similar Lens ~Eric Bensonnikon-award-fail-plane-photoshop-chay-yu-wei-3


“Little did he expect to catch a Xiao Zha Bor climbing down the ladder looking stunned. He fainted after the photo has taken” ~Randy DeWitt Wei Mingnikon-award-fail-plane-photoshop-chay-yu-wei-16


But it was too late… ~Render Brantnikon-award-fail-plane-photoshop-chay-yu-wei-10


“007 chanced upon a set of ladders while on a photowalk searching for a shaken and not stirred Martini” ~Adrian Lamnikon-award-fail-plane-photoshop-chay-yu-wei-12


“Little did I know I’d catch a New York City police officer fighting terrorists..” ~Tim Erdmannnikon-award-fail-plane-photoshop-chay-yu-wei-11


“Little did he expect to catch a bride in mid-air aisle” ~Zhirong Funikon-award-fail-plane-photoshop-chay-yu-wei-1


Seems legit ~Alf Chernnikon-award-fail-plane-photoshop-chay-yu-wei-4


Little did he expect to catch a Godzilla ~Glenn Guannikon-award-fail-plane-photoshop-chay-yu-wei-6


“Little did I expect anyhow to catch this flying thing in mid-air” ~Lu Jiannikon-award-fail-plane-photoshop-chay-yu-wei-5