Artificial Limbs : Designer Scott Summit’s Putting it all Beautifully together


We talk with our hands, we greet with our hands, and we interact with the physical world with our hands. When they’re missing, it’s a barrier same goes with other parts of our bodies.

At some point in every person’s life, you will need an assisted medical device – whether it’s your glasses, your contacts, or as you age and you have a hip replacement or a knee replacement or a pacemaker. The prosthetic generation is all around us.

Designer Scott Summit, has been using 3D technology to design beautifully crafted artificial limbs for the people in need. The patients are allowed to bring don their own designs for their required prosthetic. These artificial limbs bring joy and a sense of confidence in the eyes of the wearer.

#1Artificial-Limbs-by-Scott-Stummit-4 (Copy)

#2Artificial-Limbs-by-Scott-Stummit-11-800x1200 (Copy)


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