Yummy Inspiring HAIR Pasta’s


Many amongst us are obsessed with hairstyling. it’s not a crime to look stylist and be possesive about hairstyles ,its amongst the most important things to look beautiful. The question to all women out there is whom do you approach for hairstyling? a hair salon, a boutique or a personal hair stylist.

What if one blue moon day you visit a super market nearby and find inspiration over there for hair styling. Sound’s weird!!

A russian ad agency Nikita came up with this weird but innovative idea of making a woman’s cutout on the cover of pasta in such a way that the pasta inside looks like the womans hairstyle. Don’t believe, check out the images below.



# Grocery Section of supermarketinnovative-package-design-pasta-hairstyles-nikita-2


# Fettuccine (pasta made in ribbons)innovative-package-design-pasta-hairstyles-nikita-5


# Spaghettoni (Spaghetti)innovative-package-design-pasta-hairstyles-nikita-3


# Cavatappi (Macaroni)innovative-package-design-pasta-hairstyles-nikita-4


# Which one’s for you!!innovative-package-design-pasta-hairstyles-nikita-1