Miniature Dream World beyond belief by Felix Hernandez Rodriguez


Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place.It’s about reacting to what you see. Its a kind of feeling that needs to be felt first, then only can be made to be felt by others when they look at the photographs.

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.For every new idea you have to keep changing, keep pushing yourself, looking for the new, the unusual.

Digital artist,photographer and author of “PetaPixel” Felix Hernandez Rodriguez brings out the revolutionary work of photgraphy. where he creates a miniature scenes of the objects , with help of his majestic tool the camera, photoshop and a technique called photo stacking thus creating an utterly amazing dream world altogether.



“The Crow”miniature-dream-photography-felix-hernandez-rodriguez-22-2


“The Love Car”miniature-dream-photography-felix-hernandez-rodriguez-30-2


“Star Wars Infinity”miniature-dream-photography-felix-hernandez-rodriguez-28-2




“Snow Storm Troopers”miniature-dream-photography-felix-hernandez-rodriguez-26-2


“The Dove”miniature-dream-photography-felix-hernandez-rodriguez-29-2





“Storm Trooper”miniature-dream-photography-felix-hernandez-rodriguez-24-2


“Spitfire Down”miniature-dream-photography-felix-hernandez-rodriguez-25-2


Watch Behind the scenes of Felix Hernandez Rodriguez’s “The Love Car”