Ingenious Bathroom Sign Designs Around the World


There are some moments in life where time seems to have stopped. Like, the queue for the bar’s bathroom for example. But some have made the wait just a little easier with these creative bathroom sign designs that will hopefully take your mind off the matter at hand. Just make sure you don’t laugh TOO much…

These designers show us that there is a plethora of different ways to describe women and men with the use of simplistic logos, and the results are nothing short of hilarious. Check out these hilarious sign boards.


Iq Testfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-4


Our New Bathroom Signs At The Pinball Wizard Arcadefunny-creative-bathroom-signs-2

Unisex Bathroom Signsfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-6

How Will You Get That Used Beer Out Of Your System?funny-creative-bathroom-signs-3

Perfect For A Breakfast Barfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-5

Couldn’t Care Less


Rain Bathroom Signsfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-8

The Best Bathroom Signs Everfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-9


The Men’s Is Actually On The Leftfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-10

Minimalist Bathroom Signfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-14

 Love Thesefunny-creative-bathroom-signs-13

Toilet Of Brouwersdamfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-15

Got it?funny-creative-bathroom-signs-12

The Bathrooms Signs At The Googleplexfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-17

Any Objections?funny-creative-bathroom-signs-16

Most Accurate Toilet Door Sign Everfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-18

This Single Occupancy Restroom Signfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-19

Found This In Pittsburghfunny-creative-bathroom-signs-20