Next time be More specific with your Photoshop requests to James Fridman



Internet is flooded with photo shopped images,but nowadays retouching has become excessive. Trying to hide the flaws of nature. Its not the actual version but the version of the authors story. Half of such edited or manipulated images are considered photo bombs yet they become the talk of the town.

No one wants their pictures photobombed but photo editor James Fridman gets funny request from twitter users on his page @fjamie013. These people want their pictures edited, photo bombed in a hilarious way. This sums up that Not everyone take jokes pointed at them to the heart.

If you would like your  pictures edited in such special way then pass on your request to him via his page mentioned above. and become the “TALK OF THE TOWN.”


#Request 1:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-11


#Request 2:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-10


#Request 3:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-4


#Request 4:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-2


#Request 5:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-1


#Request 6:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-5


#Request 7:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-12


#Request 8:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-6


#Request 9:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-14


 #Request 10:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-19


#Request 11:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-13


#Request 12:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-20


#Request 13:funny-photoshop-edits-troll-james-friedman-18