Knives that are built for the kill


Through out the history knives have bee an amazing tool which til ow doesn’t have a substitute, It long been used for food,shelter and survival.

The knife was born out of human necessity but then it evolved gracefully with the time. Form man made knives to laser cut ones. knives have survived along way.

Today, the knife are manufactured for sport and work rather than survival. knife forms have become more specialized with the advancement of technology and production methods. Today, you can get quality built knives from variety of manufacturers in a wide assortment of configurations and materials.

Lets get down to the finest of knives around the world.



Spyderco ParaMilitary 2para military

Priced at $117 It might be possible to buy a ParaMilitary 1, but ever since the PM2 came on the scene, it’s been the belle of the ball. G-10 laminate handles, a nested compression lock, and a clip-point, flat ground blade are spectacular alone, but when meshed like this, they become something transcendent.




Priced at $130 TOPS isn’t as common a name on the consumer market, but they have a reputation for engineering that you can bank on. Meant for military work, this 8-inch carver is a master of concealment with a little help from its N690Co steel and black aluminum handle. Favored by enlisted men the world over.


Zero Tolerance Hinderer SlicerZero-Tolerance-

Priced at $240 ZT has one mission; make the best knives for those in uniform. Meant to go into the field, whether saving lives, protecting them, or ridding the world of enemies, having a Hinderer on your hip is a badge of honor. Satin stonewashed Carpenter CTS-204P steel, KVT ball-bearing system, and the Made in the USA stamp all prove it can be trusted.



Benchmade 940-1 Osbornebenchmade-940-1-64Priced at $268 Smooth and silky, the Osborne has become recognizable, even to those who have never carried a pocket knife in their lives. The reverse Tanto blade gives you a smoother cut and a more effective stab. Just make sure you want the S90V steel to do serious damage, because it will.



Spyderco Rubiconrubicon_spyderco

Priced at $272 Looking at the Rubicon, it’s clear that Sal Glesser (founder of Spyderco), likes to design knives in the dark. The appearance is awkward, but when it hits your hand, the feel is pure magic. Peter Carey was the mind behind this piece, and while it’s large and a little heavy, it gives you total cutting control and a buttery grip.


Strider Model PTstrider-pt-

Priced at $320 Strider Knives makes stuff that works. They trade on their engineering prowess, and it’s strutting the stage here. The oval thumbhole allows for easy grip for a quick flick, and the jimping on the handle goes all the way down, letting it work no matter how many fingers are in your grip.


Microtech 163-1 Socom DeltaMicrotech_Knives_

Priced at $330 Named after the famous antiterrorist unit, the Socom Delta brings a military sensibility with it wherever it goes. Dual thumb studs and a slender body make it hop out with the smallest amount of effort. The handles are G-10 with a S35VN specialized Tanto blade that look a little too eager to be used.



Guardian Helixguardian helix

Priced at $339 The Helix looks a little like Klingon blade, but in truth it’s far above and beyond it’s slightly silly design. A carbon fiber handle allows it to bend with impact rather than breaking, and the 16 bearing system makes the blade dance on a moment’s notice.


Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21chris-reeve-small-sebenza-21-39

Priced at $410 The 21 was originally released in 2008 as an honorarium to the original Sebenza. Since then, it has eclipsed its namesake many times over. The titanium handle reduces heft for easy mobility, while the CPM-S35VN stonewashed steel is both nearly unbreakable and easy to sharpen. It’s a wonder of the bladed world.


Rockstead TEI-DLCrockstead tie dlc

Priced at whooping $1710 When you are ready to accept the code of the Ronin (or have 2k to spend on a knife) then you may take this vicious little shard home. YXR7 Japanese steel is molded into a perfect slicing machine through progressive grinding that is polished to a mirror sheen and then covered in matte DLC to reduce reflection. Certainly worth a bow.