Life is Short, wear more make-up by Konstantin Bogomolov


Who doesn’t love a makeover? although The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy. Women spend nearly half of their life in near mirror. To stare at a woman is considered unacceptable but somewhere down the line women like to be looked over and complimented. Makeover is a the next best weapon after tears for the women who are uncomfortable with their own skin. They have changed million of lives.

Want a complete style make over, then head to lativa where Russian image designer Konstantin Bogomolov at his Riga’s Image school helps many not so good looking women transform into beauty bombshells. he performs incredible style makeovers for women of all ages.


Model : Valentinabefore-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-6 (1)


Model : Oksanabefore-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-4 (1)


Model : Natalijabefore-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-5


Model : Valentinabefore-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-17 (1)


Model : Juzefabefore-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-16


Model : Jurgita before-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-18


Model : Alīnabefore-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-32 (1)


Model : Innabefore-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-21 (1)


Model: Tatjanabefore-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-35


Model : Tatjanabefore-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-28 (1)


Model : Marijabefore-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-11 (1)


Model : Gulnarbefore-after-makeup-beauty-in-every-woman-konstantin-bogomolov-22 (1)