Best Photoshopped Photographs by peter stewart


There are two types of people in this world those who can edit, and those who can’t. The foremost are called editors, editors can be in any field, sound,image,content,etc. The ones who make the dull pictures majestic are the image editors, their sheer talent with help of the renowned and life saver of all editors the PHOTOSHOP makes wonder to any images.

Clicking a photo is not a big deal, that nowadays toddlers can do it too very well but the task to make the picture look real and speak for itself is what photo editors are famous for.

Peter Stewart sets an example of wonderfully done photo edit to some of the images clicked by him using a newest technology which includes bracketed multiple exposures and adding details to them to bring a new life into hose photographs.

Uploading his magical work in, peter stewart’s “before and after” highlights the transformation of the photographs into so real ones.


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-9 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-4 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-15 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-3 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-5 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-7 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-6 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-2 (Copy) (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-8 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-10 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-1 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-2 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-13 (Copy)


Before and After:pro-photographer-talks-editing-peter-stewart-12 (Copy)