Hilarious Mocking street art


Creativity is everywhere, just open your eyes and look around. everything wee see around us is a product of creativity. We as human are gods creativity, the ads we see on TV are ad. agency creativity, the food we eat at restaurants are chefs creativity. the vehicle we drive into are engineers creativity. 

This world is filled with genius people who with their creativity have changed the world, but not all creativity are for our growth or development some creative minds see and visualize  the things around them very differently and come out with an entirely different ideas. They aim to make world a little better place to live in by putting s a smile on people face. These people are street artist, they work on the daily object and things we encounter but ignore on the streets.


# Office Light fixture:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-1

# Stairways:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-6

# Neighborhood CCTV camera’s:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-4

# Art Gallery:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-13

# Car Parking:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-9

# Locomotive:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-14

# Caution Board:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-15

# Perfume Advertisement:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-5

# Utility Poles:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-17

# No Parking Sign:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-8

# Safety Gate:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-16

# Zebra Crossing:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-21

# Footpath:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-18

# Wall:funny-vandalism-creative-street-art-25