The Fearless Samurai : Rare Photographs


Samurai were the a member of a powerful military caste in feudal Japan. Also refereed as or bushi .Their existence goes way back to premodern Japan were they were warriors. They later made up the ruling military class that eventually became the highest ranking social caste of the Edo Period Being a samurai is all about selfless service .

A samurai chooses to serve a master and does it out of respect and love, not because they are forced. Service to them is not demeaning; service is an expression of their prowess and their pride; they serve because only they are strong enough to serve with such flawless perfection and such consummate ability. It is a source of pride to them.”

The following photos go way back to 1800’s but were remastered to give the colors in samurai’s life.


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-3


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-1


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-2


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-4


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-10


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-12


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-6


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-5


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-9


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-14


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-8


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-17


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-15


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-13


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-18


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-16


# Samurai in 1800’sphotos-of-the-last-samurai-japan-1800s-20