Pressed Flower’s Gracefully Designed into Jewelry by Stanislava Korobkova


Fresh flowers can be kept for years with their color intact by pressing them, which flattens the flowers as they dry. Pressed flowers have long been used as decorative additions to cards and other projects as well as framed on their own.

Stanislava Korobkova a Russian jewelry designer crafts this delicate jewelry that preserves the temporary and fragile beauty of flowers. Stanislava dries the plants up and then puts them in a very thin layer between two sheets of glass, finalizing the piece with a metal frame.


#Design 1 pressed-flower-jewelry-stanislava-korobkova-28-3


#Design 2 pressed-flower-jewelry-stanislava-korobkova-15-2


#Design 3pressed-flower-jewelry-stanislava-korobkova-2-2


#Design 4pressed-flower-jewelry-stanislava-korobkova-10-2


#Design 5pressed-flower-jewelry-stanislava-korobkova-20-2


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