DOG wears LIONs Prada- Julia Marie Werner photography


Have your ever tried Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog. If no then try it one day. Its so soothing to the mind and heart as if like a deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.

If you want put a human to test his humanity, try introducing him to an animal. check his attitude towards the one who are into humans mercy. His actions will speak for himself.

There are a lots of less fortunate living beings in this planets, a few lot of them are refereed as stray animals. not many prefer adopting them or keeping them as pets but it strange that they belong to the same dog species still face discrimination.

But an photographers obsession for lions made her a best friend of a stray dog later whom she named Tschikko Leopold von Werner. Together German photographer Julia Marie Werner and her pet Tschikko ventured out into the world to create a magical spell with their creative photographs. Initially insecure but now an adorable pet Tschikko has seen everything from garbage bins to the candid photography.

Presenting the bonding between Tschikko and  that comes out beautifully into the photographs.



Tschikko Leopold von Wernerdog-turned-into-lion-julia-marie-werner-1


Tschikko Leopold von Wernerdog-turned-into-lion-julia-marie-werner-11


Tschikko Leopold von Wernerdog-turned-into-lion-julia-marie-werner-10


Tschikko Leopold von Wernerdog-turned-into-lion-julia-marie-werner-12


Tschikko Leopold von Wernerdog-turned-into-lion-julia-marie-werner-6


Tschikko Leopold von Wernerdog-turned-into-lion-julia-marie-werner-14


Tschikko Leopold von Wernerdog-turned-into-lion-julia-marie-werner-15


Tschikko Leopold von Wernerdog-turned-into-lion-julia-marie-werner-13


Tschikko Leopold von Wernerdog-turned-into-lion-julia-marie-werner-3


Tschikko Leopold von Wernerdog-turned-into-lion-julia-marie-werner-16


Tschikko Leopold von Wernerstray-dog-big-city-lion-grossstadtlowe-julia-marie-werner-25