Have a sip of ZOMBIE Coffee by Kevin “Turkey” Merck


We fear death so profoundly, not because it means the end of our body, but because it means the end of our consciousness – better to be a spirit in Heaven than a zombie on Earth.

While zombie’s are the fictional undead people being created through the  human corpse. who are here on earth to devour human flesh and human brain. Artist Kevin “Turkey” Merck, has combined the most refreshing thing of the morning with the most terrifying thing on this planet. Coffee and ZOMBIE.

Its more a scary coffee, the mug is made from clay added with resin detailing to get a more realistic scary look.


# Zombie Mugs:horror-zombie-mug-turkey-meck-fy-3 (Copy)


# Zombie Mugs:horror-zombie-mug-turkey-meck-fy-1-1021x1200 (Copy)


# Zombie Mugs:horror-zombie-mug-turkey-meck-fy-7 (Copy)


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