Marvelous artwork on wildlife by Jonna Lamminaho


A very young and talented artist from Finland “Jonna Lamminaho” portrays the pain and agony of our wildlife animals. Her artwork is sheer magnificent, as we can relate to each and every artwork of these adorable animals. Many of them are seen weeping or hurt, but at the same time her artwork is filled with vibrant colors, making it easier for viewers to relate to their plight.

Jonna Lamminaho is highly successful in portraying her feelings for these adorable wildlife animals. We are sure that it requires multiple viewing to appreciate such a wonderful artwork. Enjoy and do share with your friends and colleagues. She goes by the name “scandy_girl” on Instagram.

Jonna-Lamminaho-8Jonna-Lamminaho-10Jonna-Lamminaho-15Jonna-Lamminaho-11Jonna-Lamminaho-14 Jonna-Lamminaho-16Jonna-Lamminaho-12Jonna-Lamminaho-3Jonna-Lamminaho-9Jonna-Lamminaho-5