This must be everyone’s OFFICE Life by bright-side


The best part of going to work is coming back home at the end of the day. Office is a productive place where you get paid for your creativity and hard work. Usual scenario in almost all office is the same. a grumpy boss, a messy desk, piled up work and not so happy workers.

We work all weekdays just awaiting for the weekends and the weekends end up so quick bringing back the MONDAY morning blues.

Presenting a typical office life using comical illustration by brightside:-


# Monday Morning Blues:1

# Boss on vacation:2

# Losing Temper:3

# Lunch time:4

# Office-home-office:7

# Look of the supervisor:5

# Ruined vacation:6

# Salary:8

# Deadlines:9

# Office party:10

# Friday:11