Horrifying Celebrity SKETCHES made by FANS


“The FAN makes the person a STAR”

Connecting with people is not hard. Many Famous celebrities know the trick of the trade,they appreciate Fans a lot, they love to interact and take feedback from them after every movies release ,concerts and shows. Connecting with FANS do take sometime, but when the fans appreciate it which makes it worth it.

Presenting some of the fan sketches of their star which totally bombed the actual celebrity look, we too such sketches and Photoshop to check out how the fan version of their celebrities looked like.

# Lady Gaga1

# Hugh Laurie4

# Nicolas Cage5

# Brad Pitt3

# Zach Braff6

# Jennifer Aniston7

# Angelina Jolie2

# Mel Gibson9

# Zayn Malik8

# Justin Bieber11

# Rihanna10