Creative Hand Made Soap’s by Charming Frog


Soap is to body, what laughter is to soul.

Charming Frog online store offer art that you can actually bathe with, in the form of hand made designer soaps. With over 400 different hand crafted designs for all kinds of tastes and occasions.For a full collection and custom orders head over to etsy website

Painting Soap:handmade-soap-art-charming-frog-

Elephant Soap:handmade-soap-art-charming-frog-3

Puppy Dog Soap: handmade-soap-art-charming-frog-8

Elephant Soap:handmade-soap-art-charming-frog-9

Bull rider soap:handmade-soap-art-charming-frog-5

Bear Soap:handmade-soap-art-charming-frog-6

Octopus Soap:handmade-soap-art-charming-frog-12

Peacock Soap: handmade-soap-art-charming-frog-20

Flying Dragon soap:handmade-soap-art-charming-frog-18

Dolphin Soap:handmade-soap-art-charming-frog-16