Original Watercolor Illustrations By Amit Liz!


Here are some beautiful paintings created by artist Amit Liz residing in California, United States. Amit Liz, who is madly obsessed with Sailor Moon and all Disney characters, while growing up says till today nothing has changed.

Amit Liz started watercolor painting after her high school and wanted to master this art. Even today when Liz has completed numerous paintings, she said “I have not even come close to mastering its potential. But I think I’m getting there. And I’m loving the journey”.

If you observe closely, lots of her artworks are related to women. She uses perfect blend of colors to create magnificent artworks.

Check out these beautiful paintings created by Amit Liz, you can also see more of Liz’s work on instagram.

Amit Liz (3)Amit Liz (6)Amit Liz (5)Amit Liz (7)Amit Liz (1)