Incredible painting created using burning incense only by Jihyun Park


Jihyun Park, an artist in Korea, has found a one of a kind and a quintessentially Asian way to deal with pointillism – he utilizes blazing sticks of incense to smolder little gaps in enormous sheets of rice paper, masterminding the small gaps into lovely, unwinding creative arrangements.

The utilization of incense to smolder these openings isn’t just a curiosity: “the word ‘utopia’ in Korea is ‘Yi Sang Hwang’ and ‘Hwang’ means ‘incense,’” Jihyun Park writes.“It is my hope that the ‘moments’ I capture of my subjects are ones when they are at their most ideal– true utopias. While drawing them with the incense, I am ‘holding’ a split moment of harmony in my hands.
Here are some of Jihyun Park creations.