Humour in photography by Illustrator Luciano Cina


Luciano Cina is an Illustrator & Product Developer from Italy. His expertise lies in removing street photographs in and around Italy and adding a sense of imaginative humour to it. So it can be a car, or a cathedral, or as simple as a wrist watch. He gives his master touch to these photographs, and sure gets a smile on your face.

His creations are simple, yet funny and witty. We bet you all will agree with us after viewing the end results. We all have that imaginative sides in us, it’s just how we portray it. Enjoy Luciano Cina’s photographs and do share with your friends.

You can follow Luciano Cina on Instagram “@luccico

  Luciano-Cina-Illustrator-Photographer-1Luciano-Cina-Illustrator-Photographer-4Luciano-Cina-Illustrator-Photographer-2 Luciano-Cina-Illustrator-Photographer-3Luciano-Cina-Illustrator-Photographer-5