Jim Vision creates magnificent large-scale wall murals


Jim Vision is a British graffiti artist and muralist based in Shoreditch, East London. Jim Vision, also known as Jim Rockwell, or Probs. Jim co-founded the street art collective End of the Line in 2008.

Jim creates magnificent free form wall art with the combinations of exquisite colors and in depth background. He has created large-scale murals, collaborates with clients such as Konami, Disney, Kia Motors, 20th Century Fox, PlayStation, Sony Walkman, and Paramount, to name a few.

Here are Jim Vision‘s wall art, you can also see more of Jim’s artwork on his Instagram page @jimvision

Jim-Vision-@jimvision-Artist (1)Jim-Vision-@jimvision-Artist (2)Jim-Vision-@jimvision-Artist (3)Jim-Vision-@jimvision-Artist (5)Jim-Vision-@jimvision-Artist (4)Jim-Vision-@jimvision-Artist (6)Jim-Vision-@jimvision-Artist (8)Jim-Vision-@jimvision-Artist (10)Jim-Vision-@jimvision-Artist (9)