Amazing New Lingerie Line by “Naja”


This new lingerie line by “Naja” offers your perfect shade of nude. Approximately 70% of the worlds women are either brown or olive in color. Sadly, the lingerie industry has been a bit delayed in diversifying its nude offerings. The lingerie market has a universal color “Beige” nude that is actually anything but universal.

Here comes Naja, a lingerie brand from creative director Catalina Girald and actress Gina Rodriguez. Naja boasts an impressive seven shades options, from pale to dark, in different styles of nudes. Girald says “Over and over I would hear [from women trying on the nude samples] how cool it was to see lingerie in their skin tone,” she said. “That’s how I knew this would be a really powerful project.” Enjoy the collection and do share with your friends.