Unique Eye Makeup by Artist Tal Peleg


Sheeps, Cat, Fox, Super heroes, etc. You name it and you can find a design for it. Creative Eye Makeup Artist Tal Peleg, also known as Scarlet Moon, from Israel uses her creativity and imagination to illustrate her eyelids. Tal Peleg transforms her eyelids to a canvas and illustrates beautiful and awesome illustrations. These illustrations look awesome, but a closer look at them and you will definitely agree that these are not easy to make.

She does not only use the illustrations, but also keeps the pattern of the eyes in mind before starting a project. There are various color shades involved in creating an illustration and Tal Peleg masters them all easily. She quotes that it takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete one eyelid illustration. Her Instagram handler is “@tal_peleg”. Enjoy and do share her work.