The Honest Look by Calorie brands a.k.a @Caloriebrands


The best Tip for a good health is healthy and sensible eating. Obesity is the major concern amongst every nation. We thrive to eat more and more when our body feels hungry, but we fail to understand that at that very moment body requires nutrients not calories. One third of our planet is battling obesity and spending enormous amounts of money to burn off the excess calories, while the other 2/3rd yearn’s to get more of them. The sad part about calories is that once you start counting the calories, it simply takes away from the joy of eating.

Calorie brands a.k.a @Caloriebrands an Instagram account believes that each brand should have a type of honest look to help people achieve the body goals, hence Calorie brands have redesigned some of the famous brands to highlight the exact amount of calories they store in them.

The average calorie limit for an Adult female is 1940Cal/day and for Adult male is 2550 Cal/day. Consider if the brands have this type look and feel would people still buy these products?


Nutella:  “That World would not Lean.” Calorie count: 4520cal.Calorie Brands junk food health images (2)


Pringles: “Once you pop, you can’t wear that top” Calorie Count: 1320cal.Calorie Brands junk food health images (1)


Heineken Beer belly mystery revealed” Calorie count: 144cal .Calorie Brands junk food health images (4)


Magnum : “Summer snack vs Summer body ” Calorie count: 260cal.Calorie Brands junk food health images (3)


Coca Cola Coke: “Enjoy your 140cal happiness” Calorie count: 140cal.Calorie Brands junk food health images (7)


M&M : “Taste the rainbow, jog for 30 minutes to burn the rainbow ” Calorie count : 230calCalorie Brands junk food health images (6)


Absolut Vodka : “Got wasted last night? Here’s another reason to regret it.” calorie count: 1625cal.

Calorie Brands junk food health images (8)


Oreo cookie : “Twist, lick, dunk, unfit.” Calorie count: 1905cal.Calorie Brands junk food health images (5)