Adorable Handmade Cute Little Dolls by Nadezhda Micheeva


A talented Russian doll maker Nadezhda Micheeva, creates a lot of cute little love dolls with her own hands. These cute little dolls are handmade with cute and adorable, tiny and soft characters and their size makes it suitable for children.

Most of the characters she creates of the animals have cute and innocent faces. These adorable love dolls are very soft and warm. They are so cute that after seeing them, all what people want is to embrace and warm them all.

Here are some of her unique collection.

Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (1)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (10)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (11)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (13)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (12)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (9)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (7)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (6)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (8)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (3)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (4)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (5)Adorable-Handmade-Little-Dolls-Nadezhda-Micheeva (2)