Kim Leuenberger takes amazing photographs of miniature cars


Kim Leuenberger is a brilliant photographer who is residing in London and studying Photography at University of the Arts London. Kim is a genius in taking pictures of miniaturized cars in an outdoor environment.

She uses the miniature Volkswagen and many other cars to take pictures in a natural background, keeping her car on stone, grass, even surf and take photos closely to show the detail effects.

Here are some of Kim Leuenberger‘s amazing photographs, you can also check out more of her collection on her website


Amazing-Miniature-Car-Photography-Kim-Leuenberger (4)Amazing-Miniature-Car-Photography-Kim-Leuenberger (1)Amazing-Miniature-Car-Photography-Kim-Leuenberger (3)Amazing-Miniature-Car-Photography-Kim-Leuenberger (5)Amazing-Miniature-Car-Photography-Kim-Leuenberger (6)Amazing-Miniature-Car-Photography-Kim-Leuenberger (2)Amazing-Miniature-Car-Photography-Kim-Leuenberger (8)Amazing-Miniature-Car-Photography-Kim-Leuenberger (7)Amazing-Miniature-Car-Photography-Kim-Leuenberger (9)