Mankind vs Social Media: a Marco Melgrati a.k.a m_melgrati Illustration


Marco Melgrati from Mexico now settled in Milan is an illustrator whose work mainly focuses on the real life situations. His topics mainly talk about the issue of war and social media effects, which he beautifully exhibits through his art. He considers the internet and social media as the greatest changes and challenges in the history of mankind.

His process involves initially sketching down his creative ideas on paper using pencil and then it is passed onto the computer where using Corel painter and Photoshop he finalizes his illustrations.

Marco Melgrati is currently working with Salzman international illustration agency.

For more of his creative work visit the following link:

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Self Made.Marco Melgrati Self made

Learning new media.

learning-new-media-Marco Melgrati

Through love.through-love-Marco Melgrati

Gorilla and savage.gorilla-and-savage-Marco Melgrati

Chemical Happiness.chemical-happiness-Marco Melgratis

The death of privacy.the-death-of-privacy-Marco Melgrati

Android v/s Melgrati

Love your Melgrati