16 year old Lara Wirth makes amazing horrifying Sci-fi makeover


Lara Wirth is a very talented Australian makeup artist who overextended with the whole playing with the makeup. She started playing with basic makeup at a very early age and ended up becoming a self-taught SFX makeup artist.

Lara Wirth at the age of 16 years makes scary, Sci-fi and horrifying SFX makeup. Looking at her awesome work of arts, she has been picked up by a top studio to work for them. If you want to scar someone out of their pants, Lara will be the one you call.

Here are some of her best creations.


Lara-Wirth-sfx-makeup-artist (20)Lara-Wirth-sfx-makeup-artist (16)Lara-Wirth-sfx-makeup-artist (21)Lara-Wirth-sfx-makeup-artist (18)Lara-Wirth-sfx-makeup-artist (19)Lara-Wirth-sfx-makeup-artist (17)Lara-Wirth-sfx-makeup-artist (14)