To Touch is to Feel : Distinctive screw art by artist Andrew Myers


Touch has a memory and touch is an experience too. Often we underestimate the power of a touch, which have the potential to turn a life around.Here’s an artist whose art has little to do with the viewer’s eyes but more to their touch and feel. To truly experience his art it needs to be touched by hands and felt. Andrew uses screws placed precisely on a wooden board and then using oil paint, charcoal, and automotive paint to form an amazing piece of art. It’s an unique concept on which not many artist’s have ventured and hence Andrew is considered as the pioneer of this amazing, creative and form of art.

Andrew Myers is an artist from California, and a graduate from Laguna college of Art and Design. It helped him alot in developing and enhancing his creative and artistic skills,since trhen he has no looking back. His modern designs with universal and classic themes are influenced from his long exposure to modern continental living and classical architecture

Myers blends modern material with classical figurative technique featuring a universal subject matter that is prevalent throughout his work. It is his unification of these three characteristics that results in the innovative and modern artwork that captivates viewers and has been so highly acclaimed nationwide.

Andrew Myers work can be termed as distinctive, expressive and tactile and has been featured in top most media pages like LA times, Laguna New Post, H Magazine, and NBC San Diego.He has recently won the renowned annual Sausalito Arts Festival and Pursuit Magazine’s National Sculpture Competition.


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Check out his AUDI on screw art below: