Elegant Foliage Faces by Artist Cheryl Lemon


Cheryl Lemon, currently residing in Santa Cruz, California is a vivid traveler and quotes “I love living where the mountains and sea are close to my doorstep”. She has not had any formal or traditional training in photography, but has mastered the act of photography. All her awesome travel photographs are captured by her iPhone.

Cheryl Lemon, quotes “Nature is probably my biggest inspiration”. She likes meeting people, as it inspires her to create foliage faces. She has a fascination with faces. The foliage that you see below, is never drawn. Its spontaneously fashioned. In her quest to master the art, Cheryl now carries a scissor and admits that she has become a shameless plant thief too. But she usually likes Weeds & fallen leaves. Often I’ll look at a face I’ve made and then take a photo, she quotes. Her artwork is magnificent and will definitely leave you happy. Her Instagram handler is “@yucatansea”. Enjoy and do share her artwork with your friends.