Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings by Young-sung Kim


With the rapid industrialization, globalization and modernization of the world, many other lives that coexist with us have either disappeared, in a state of extinction or are threatened because of human negligence. Humans have always been considered the most cold-hearted and selfish creatures on the planet.

This subject is beautifully exhibited by the Seoul based artist Kim Young-Sung. His series “nothing, life, object” is based on the concept of the importance of life in a situation where artificial objects coexist with the life forms. To illustrate this distinction between the living and the materialistic world, a small living creature like snails, frogs, goldfish are seen resting on a small man made objects like spoons, forks, glass cup, etc. all being oil painted on canvas in a contrasting subject matter.

Kim Young-Sung is a graduated from Honik university from the Dept of painting,college of fine arts. His artwork has been featured in many solo, group and art exhibitions and has won many awards, honors and accolades in various art competitions.

Young-sung Kim Oil Painting Art Works (6)

Young-sung Kim Oil Painting Art Works (1)Young-sung Kim Oil Painting Art Works (2)Young-sung Kim Oil Painting Art Works (4)Young-sung Kim Oil Painting Art Works (5)Young-sung Kim Oil Painting Art Works (3)