Hedy Yang creates magnificent clay pottery.


Hedy Yang is a 20 year old sophomore at the University of Michigan. Her interest in ceramics began in her senior year of high school where she was afforded an amazing space to work in and a creative teacher to provide inspiration.

When she’s not in class, she spends her days in the studio trying new techniques and styles of work. Hedy Yang makes her pots using bubbles to create a marble effect. Using a straw, some colored glaze and some dish soap, she blows bubbles onto her works as they rotate on the pottery wheel. All she has to do is wait for the bubbles to pop on their own and her work is done.

Here are some magnificent looking pots created by Hedy Yang, you can also see images of her beautiful pieces in her Instagram account hedyyang_

Hedy-Yang-magnificent-clay-pottery (6)Hedy-Yang-magnificent-clay-pottery (17)Hedy-Yang-magnificent-clay-pottery (14)Hedy-Yang-magnificent-clay-pottery (18)Hedy-Yang-magnificent-clay-pottery (15)Hedy-Yang-magnificent-clay-pottery (9)Hedy-Yang-magnificent-clay-pottery (12)Hedy-Yang-magnificent-clay-pottery (19)Hedy-Yang-magnificent-clay-pottery (13)Hedy-Yang-magnificent-clay-pottery (11)