Papier-Mâché Lady Lamp Sculptures by Sophie Mouton-Perrat & Frédéric Guibrunet

Papier-Mâché (Paper Mache) Lamp Sculptures Illuminate a Room with Ethereal Elegance. For nearly 10 years, Sophie Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet have combined soft lighting with delicate paper craft to create ethereal sculptures.
Working under the name papier à êtres, the duo uses the papier mâché technique to construct life-sized women clad in elegant, billowing gowns that double as lamps. The top portion of the unconventional, all-white lantern features the ladies’ upper bodies while their pleated skirts illuminate the space.
Once assembled, the couple’s handiwork is a stunning fusion of art and technology. Although it appears as one cohesive piece, their individual contributions shine at separate times. When the lights are off, Mouton-Perrat’s beautiful details are visible. Once it’s dark, however, the exquisite yellow glow is all that’s seen.


Mouton-Perrat-Frédéric-Guibrunet-Papier-Mâché-Lamp-Sculptures (3)Mouton-Perrat-Frédéric-Guibrunet-Papier-Mâché-Lamp-Sculptures (2)Mouton-Perrat-Frédéric-Guibrunet-Papier-Mâché-Lamp-Sculptures (6)Mouton-Perrat-Frédéric-Guibrunet-Papier-Mâché-Lamp-Sculptures (5)Mouton-Perrat-Frédéric-Guibrunet-Papier-Mâché-Lamp-Sculptures (8)Mouton-Perrat-Frédéric-Guibrunet-Papier-Mâché-Lamp-Sculptures (7)Mouton-Perrat-Frédéric-Guibrunet-Papier-Mâché-Lamp-Sculptures (4)Mouton-Perrat-Frédéric-Guibrunet-Papier-Mâché-Lamp-Sculptures (11)Mouton-Perrat-Frédéric-Guibrunet-Papier-Mâché-Lamp-Sculptures (10)Mouton-Perrat-Frédéric-Guibrunet-Papier-Mâché-Lamp-Sculptures (9)Mouton-Perrat-Frédéric-Guibrunet-Papier-Mâché-Lamp-Sculptures (12)