15 Year Old Dimitra Milan’s Creates Extraordinary Paintings.


An artist at the age of 15, Dimitra Milan’s creates extraordinary paintings, her art can be found in private collections all over the U.S. and Europe. Born into a family of brilliant artists, Dimitra has been building up her style of art from a very youthful age at the Milan Art Institute in Arizona, established by her parents, Elli and John Milan.

Dimitra expresses herself through rich color and bold designs. Her paintings reflect a dreamy world where anything is possible and fearless subjects harmoniously coexist.  Her original art can be found in fine art galleries in Arizona and Hawaii.

Check out a few of these amazing paintings created by Dimitra Milan. You can also check out more her artwork on her website dimitramilan.comDimitra-Milan_Watermarked_Painting (14)Dimitra-Milan_Watermarked_Painting (12)

Dimitra-Milan_Watermarked_Painting (13)Dimitra-Milan_Watermarked_Painting (11)Dimitra-Milan_Watermarked_Painting (15)Dimitra-Milan_Watermarked_Painting (10)Dimitra-Milan_Watermarked_Painting (8)