Famous Superheros UNMASKED: by artist alexmdc a.k.a Alex Solis


Alex Solis or better known as alexcmdc is an illustrator and a doodle artist from Chicago working full time on ODDWORX, his own venture which consists of amazing and humorous illustrations and doodle art. Alex is busy all day with something of other pertaining to art. Even on a relaxing day you can see him doodling. Apart from his art he’s been working on designs and web development,and learning codes. This has helped him to achieve a better visual and concept to his illustration and art. His efforts have fetched him many awards both nationally and internationally, including the international illustration award in Brazil.

His latest work on oddworx showcases the illustrative art “UNMASKED” series where the iconic cartoon and superhero characters are seen hiding under another iconic character. These are later engraved on Temporary Tattoos, Books, Stickers, Enamel Pins, Patches and Toys and available for purchase.

Follow Alex Solis on Instagram for his latest work instagram.com/alexmdc and oddworx.xom

ronald_Alex Solis (alexmdc)

thepenguin_Alex Solis (alexmdc)thanos_Alex Solis (alexmdc)PATRICK UNMASKEDthething_Alex Solis (alexmdc)CHUNKY SPIDERMANultron_Alex Solis (alexmdc)robin_Alex Solis (alexmdc)RONALD UNMASKEDmrfantastic_Alex Solis (alexmdc)mario_Alex Solis (alexmdc)megaman_Alex Solis (alexmdc)