Funny Ceramic Sculpture Artist Mitchell Grafton


Mitchell Grafton from Panama City, Florida creates awesome funny clay sculptures. What differentiates him with other sculpture artists is his funny, imaginative and humorous side. Mitchell, creates highly imaginative yet functional art works.

Something which takes you back to wonderland or a fairy tale. Mitchell Grafton specializes in what he terms “Face Jugs” and Ceramic Art. Each piece of pottery created by him tells his own story. Mitchell, started at an early age of 19 yrs. working for Odell Pottery while getting an Architecture degree at Louisiana Tech. Enjoy these funny sculptures and do share with your friends.

Mitchell-Grafton-Sculpture-Artist-1Mitchell-Grafton-Sculpture-Artist-3Mitchell-Grafton-Sculpture-Artist-2 Mitchell-Grafton-Sculpture-Artist-4Mitchell-Grafton-Sculpture-Artist-5