Robotic Life by illustrator Matt Q. Spangler


Born on 1978 in Leucadia, CA. Illustrator and robot artist Matt Q. Spangler curiosity and obsession for electronics and especially robots have been there since childhood. When he was a kid, his mom used to give him broken (and sometimes not) clocks, radios, electronics, and let him take them apart and see how things worked.

Although he could never put them back together, but the curiosity turned Matt Q. Spangler into a full time tech geek and robot fan. One of the outcome of this is the illustration art derived or inspired by robots.

How sleep can transform your day from ambition to shut eye, good night sweet robot.Matt Spangler Robot sleeptime


“Dressing for the Day”
You don’t know everything that is coming, but at least you can look good doing whatever you do.

Matt Spangler Robot dressing for the day

“Zen Mountain”
Stress mounts, decisions that are great, you need your zen mountain.
Matt Spangler Robot zen mountain

“The Balloon Man”
The ballon man cometh, he brings much joy and happiness. Enjoy this mr. balloon man.Matt Spangler Robot the balloon man

“The Island”
You have the opportunity to for some respite and rest, find your island.Matt Spangler Robot the island