The World Through the Lens of a Bubble – Khaled Youssef


Khaled Youssef, born in Damascus in 1975 is a medicine student from Damascus University. He then shifted to France, to pursue his career as a surgeon. He was always inclined towards poetry and photography. Khaled Youssef started his artist career by capturing reflections in the water after rains.

As he grew more attached to reflections, he started the trend of bubble photography. He quotes “Bubbles get a short life trying always to escape and flying faraway like our ideas, our good moments, or our dreams”. That is the reason, why he creates these magnificent bubbles and trying to catch them with his camera. Khaled Youssef is a vivid traveler and he has traveled from Istanbul to London, and from Barcelona to Malta capturing the fragile reflections. Enjoy his creativity and do share with your friends.