Amazing Hobo Nickel art by Roman Booteen


Coins have been there for ages, every coin has got its own denomination and a specific value. Although with the fastest growing economy coins are losing their place and are confined to being just a collectible items. Every coin has got their own distinctive feature like the engraving on them and manufactured year, along with the value defined for them. The engraving on the coins are basically the renowned people, places and country specific flora and fauna.

Have you ever wanted a COIN of your own, which had the engraving of your choice, if you are such a coin enthusiast then you have come to the right place. Today we present to you an artist who specializes in coin carving aka hobo nickel art. An art-form that’s a long age old where miniature sculptures are carved into coins. Meet Roman Booteen from Russia, an hobo nickel artist who creates etched homages to the cartoon or animation characters along with fantasy novels on coins.

There are not quite as many artists who expertise in this art-form, thus making Roman Booteen art being appreciated worldwide.

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