I paint you? Miniature paintings by I Wayan Gd Smara Pradipta aka Ara


A form of art, not widely known is called “Miniature painting or Miniature art”. Indonesian artist I Wayan Gd Smara Pradipta also known by his nickname “Ara” is an expert in miniature paintings. Miniature paintings are mini-sized / small-scale artworks not more than 1:16, at the same time maintaining all the minute details.

Ara, has been creating awesome miniature artworks from 2014. Roughly two years. Ara says, that finding an object is not tough, but coloring these objects to fine art is tough, as he faces partial color blindness (green and red). So at times he takes the help of his friends in understanding if his artwork is perfect in colors. Ara, does not like to go beyond 4cm diameter, and tries to complete the artwork in that specific range. Trust us friends, his artworks are amazing. Ara’s Instagram handler is “@talkingtothewalls“. Do share it with your friends.

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