HARM LESS weapons by Sonia Renstch


The concept behind weapons has always been to take the world down. They are considered the quickest solution to all major world problems. They are a symbol of power, authority and fear. Have you ever imagined a weapon which intents no harm to people, sounds weird but Melbourne based stylist Sonia Renstch expertise in crafting HARMLESS weapons using the off-cuts – the stems, the discarded pieces, the fallen petals perfectly aligned to form a shape of weapons. The idea behind this is to emphasize on finding the beauty in everything, even if it’s built for destruction and devastation by humans.

These plant weapons doesn’t harm, but rather they are a sign of peace and beauty of the world we live in. The inspiration behind this unique concept came to Sonia Renstch when she read Nick Knight’s book Flora that was lent to her by a fellow art director which illustrated the artist creativity are artistry in creating a dagger out of a cactus plant.

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